"Oh Happy Boy" (released on 10/1/2009) - a song dedicated to a small street that was paved over by a highway in 1970. It's a combination of doo-wop, Frank Zappa, Wildman Fisher, and Jonathan Coulton influences. Funny thing to know, this song was written a few years before I heard of Jonathan Coulton in 2005. The song chorus was thought up in 1970, but lyrics and bridges were written in 2003.


from Originals (2000​-​2012) Deluxe Edition, track released October 1, 2009




David Tanny San Diego, California

Born in San Diego, David Tanny specializes in fun dementia (or funmentia) recordings and spoken word humor. He writes, produces, and engineers (rather cheaply) novelty music and sketch comedy from his home with a computer.

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