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"Nothing's on TV" (recorded in 2007, released 8/19/2008) - what's with all of the dreck that's on network TV in the post appointment TV era?


Nothing's on TV. Nothing's on TV.
All of today's shows, are so boring.

TV is no good, it's now a bore,
I don't watch it anymore.

All the great shows are gone forever,
Reality shows are just not clever.
Shows about crime labs don't interest me,
I dont' work that field, as you see.
Pussified husbands on the sitcoms,
They insult my brain. The shows are so dumb,
Doctors and lawyers, get a lot of time,
I don't care for them, all they do is whine.

Where are all the great TV shows?
All the good ones, that all of us knows.

Back in the day, way back when,
We loved to watch the television.

We used to talk about the shows that were on,
Used to be a lot, now they're all gone.

We still have memories of the great past,
When TV was good, and shows went fast.

We made a lot of friends by the TV set,
When TV was as good as it could get.

TV parties were a weekly thing,
We would all eat while we were watching...
variety, sci-Fi, camp, adventure,
detectives, game shows, cartoons, and nature.

Leave it to Beaver, and I Love Lucy,
The Munsters and The Addams Family.
Beverly Hillbillies and Mr. Ed,
Lawrence Welk and American Bandstand,
Monday Night Football and Sanford and Son,
Andy Griffith and Ed Sullivan.
Gilligan's Island, and the Brady Bunch,
were made by a genius, who had a good hunch.
We love Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,
Sarah Michelle Gellar, we all want to date her.
MST 3000, we want more of that,
This is where the entertainment's at.

They don't make them like that today,
All of my shows have gone away.
Now they're all found on DVD,
And cable networks, repeatedly.

It was lo definition but high quality,
I can't say the same for HDTV.

Who needs network TV? Not I.
I'm outta here. Cya. Bye bye.


from Originals (2000​-​2012) Deluxe Edition, track released August 19, 2008




David Tanny San Diego, California

Born in San Diego, David Tanny specializes in fun dementia (or funmentia) recordings and spoken word humor. He writes, produces, and engineers (rather cheaply) novelty music and sketch comedy from his home with a computer.

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