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"80s TV" (2010) - (released 6/5/2010) - yet another original rap, this time, sort of like 70 lines about 35 TV shows. Every two lines weaves in a name of a popular TV show from the 80s at the end of the pair.


80s TV

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV


It's the 80s, the coolest decade,
TV had it made in the shade,
Let's turn it on and we will see
All the good stuff on TV.


We were not at a total loss
when we watched Who's The Boss

We love to down a lot of beers
when we watched a round of Cheers.

Candice Bergen never let us down
when we watched Murphy Brown

When life becomes a pain in the ass
We go and watch Head of the Class

Let me give you some good news,
we all enjoyed Hill Street Blues

We ain't gonna tell you lies,
we did watch Family Ties.

We just come, to say hi,
Let's all watch, The Fall Guy,

Heather Locklear's such as looker
when she was on T.J. Hooker

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV

This is one show that was good to go,
We all watched The Cosby Show.

Good shows were on everywhere,
We enjoyed St. Elsewhere

Sugar Ray Leonard was a great fighter,
We enjoyed Knight Rider

TV in the 80s was pure heaven
We all lived for 227.

There must be some understanding
When we tell you we saw Knots Landing

We sure do, remember when
we first saw Married With Children

We got together with our fellow man
to watch an episode of Roseanne

80s TV was within our reach
We did see China Beach

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV

The 80s were such a boom
we all watched Max Headroom

We just never got much rest
We had to watch Falcon Crest

80's TV was very nice
So we watched Miami Vice

TV couldn't tear us apart
When we got hooked on Hart to Hart

80s TV was so edible
We all ate up That's Incredible

80s TV got us high,
when we all watched Magnum P.I.

Harry Stone held down the fort,
when he presided over Night Court

We aren't gong to name any names
But we all watched Growing Pains.

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV

80s TV was such a dream.
Mr. T starred in The A Team.

You can run but you can't hide,
When it was time to watch Riptide.

80s TV got so funky
When we watched Tales of the Gold Monkey.

We all needed relief from strife
So we all watched The Facts of Life

Ricky Schroeder lasted many moons
He was the star of Silver Spoons

We don't mean to make a fuss
But we saw Just The Ten of Us

JR never ran out of gas
He was the star of Dallas

80s TV had everything
We all watched It's a Living

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV

There's no need for all the fighting
We took a break to watch Moonlighting

We enjoyed all of the jokes
while we watched Diff'rent Strokes

Let me tell you I am no liar
I admit I watched MacGyver

We love drama that is raw
We got hooked on L.A. Law

This space guy had such a mouth
It's our buddy we called Alf

We kept our TV close and near
So we could watch The Wonder Years

80s TV gave me a kick
We liked Hardcastle and McCormick

80s TV was out of this world
We all watched Golden Girls!

80s TV
80s TV
80s TV
80s TV

On and on and on it went
We all wondered where our time went
It was the greatest place to be
Whenever we watched 80s TV.


from Originals (2000​-​2012) Deluxe Edition, track released June 5, 2010




David Tanny San Diego, California

Born in San Diego, David Tanny specializes in fun dementia (or funmentia) recordings and spoken word humor. He writes, produces, and engineers (rather cheaply) novelty music and sketch comedy from his home with a computer.

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