Originals II 2000​-​2012 Deluxe Edition

by David Tanny

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Originals II (2000-2012)
Released March 4, 2014
Deluxe Edition Released 11/18/2014

"Originals II (2000-2012)" features some of the best of the original novelty songs of David Tanny.

Released as an original edition on March 4, 2014. The Deluxe Edition adds many more originals.

44:01 For CD-R Disc 1 (tracks 1-17)
44:49 For CD-R Disc 2 (tracks 18-33)
88:50 For Full Album download

Track Details:
01. "In Case of Glass" (2010, released on 8/2/2010)

02. "Goin' Back to L.A. (2007 mix)" (released on 2/26/2008) - celebrates the old days of driving 120 miles to Los Angeles to hear the Dr. Demento Show because the fan's hometown wouldn't carry the show on their radio stations in the fan's radio market. The driving trek takes place on a Sunday in 1981 when the Doc used to do a live four-hour show on a now-defunct radio station.

03. "Head (almost live mix)" (released on 3/28/2012) - this is about a zombie who wants more than just brain. He wants, well, the title explains it all.

04. "I'm a Cowboy (original 2000 mix)" (released on 9/13/2005) - An original song using clever rhymes for "Day" almost throughout the song.

05. "Fried Eggs Higher Pitch" (2011, released on 3/4/2014) - this is the"Fried Eggs" song with the pitch raised.

06. "No Place to Park (2007 mix)" (released on 8/19/2008) - no place to park? That's a major problem. It's a comedy rap commentary on overcrowded parking lots and the businesses who don't get the rapper's business simply because there's no place to park his car. The businesses underestimated the number of parking spaces to include in their property.

07. "Fried Eggs 2012 Remix" (2012, released on 11/09/2012) - this is the original 2011 "Fried Eggs" song with several changes including the elimination of the spoken intro, added a bass, and made some other minor fixes.

08. "Pat Sajak (is an Egg)" (released on 7/20/2012) - we decide to do something ridiculous with a well-known TV personality. "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak just could possibly be some kind of space alien egg-shaped creature in human skin disguise!

09. "The Cat Got Hit-A Poem" (2012, released on 11/22/2012) - a story about a cat that got hit by a car and how it ended up.

10. "Simple Wins It Every Time" (2011, released on 11/16/2012) - remember the KISS concept in business: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

11. "Brain Drain" (2010, released on 3/4/2014)

12. "A Commentary: Sick and Tired of Lindsay Lohan (2011, released 3/4/2014) - a serious commentary on the sad state of news.

13. "Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan" (released on 7/31/2007), a rap about a man who goes insane thinking too much about the celebrity, then two men in the white coats put a straitjacket on him and take him to a mental hospital in a padded wagon. Also note that Lohan starred in two movies where she played two characters.

14. "Seque f/ The McKenton Brothers" (released on 7/31/2007) is transitioning from the previous sketch to the following sketch featuring the character parodies below.

15. "Hilary Duff Beer f/ The McKenton Brothers" (released on 7/31/2007) opens with the chant that drove the man in the previous song crazy, then continues with two men from The Great Big North who talk about a celebrity named beer on their program. It serves as a tribute to Bob and Doug McKenzie and their show within a show on SCTV called "The Great White North", a cult favorite. This sketch does a salute to Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas") from the "SCTV Network 90" days of 1981-83 on NBC.

16. "Bam" (released on 7/18/2006) - another Wacky Package come to life.

17. "Butt-vis and Beehead" (released on 7/18/2006) - the two teenage goofheads comment on the Bam product above.

18. "Life Before The Computer with music" (released on 11/15/2014) - a rap about what words meant before computers came and repurposed some of the words for its own purposes.

19. "ECC-Black Religion Television" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

20. "The Adventures of Humid Man" (2007, released on 2/26/2008) - another kind of superhero comes in to save the day! It features a sweat-soaked superhero who helps the police save the day by fighting crime. This was inspired by working in a hot and stuffy place of business where the singer always drips in sweat due to the workplace's poor air conditioning system.

21. "ECC-College Educational Network" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

22. "Classroom Sketch" (released on 8/30/2009) - featuring an instructor trying to teach a lesson on the music of "Weird Al" Yankovic.

23. "ECC-Farming News Channel" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

24. "Fantasy Peninsula" (released on 7/9/2009) - a sendup of the TV show "Fantasy Island" featuring a man who travels back to the year 1976.

25. "ECC-Local Broadcasting Network" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

26. "The Equimas Song" (2011, released on on 3/3/2011) - Everybody makes up holidays. How about a festive holiday at the start of the Spring Equinox?

27. "ECC-Sports Our Way" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

28. "Headline News 2011 A Capella" (released on 9/9/2011) - this is a suggested verse to update a parody idea "Weird Al" Yankovic recorded in 1994.

29. "ECC-Television Music Radio" (2014, released on 11/18/2014)

30. "Response to Eff n Stupid" (2011, released on 6/21/2011) - a few nameless fans created this video in response to someone else's video attacking a not-so-well novelty recording artist.

31. "Scream Baby Scream edit" (2011, released on 1/15/2011)

32. "Buffy the Vampire Teller Slayer (or the Sarah Michelle Gellar Rap)" (released on 10/3/2007) - an original rap song based on an original incident. One percent is true (you figure out whether that one percent is the part I meet Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

33. "Life Before The Computer raw talk" (released on 11/18/2014)


released November 18, 2014




David Tanny San Diego, California

Born in San Diego, David Tanny specializes in fun dementia (or funmentia) recordings and spoken word humor. He writes, produces, and engineers (rather cheaply) novelty music and sketch comedy from his home with a computer.

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Track Name: Goin' Back to L.A.
Goin' Back to LA, LA, LA
Goin' Back to LA.
Hmm. I guess so.

Goin' Back to LA, LA, LA
Goin' Back to LA.
Hmm. I guess so.

Goin' back to LA, for a little fun.
This is what we did in 1981.

We take a little drive and bring our radio,
There is no life in San Diego

We drive for two hours, up the I-5.
Six O'clock is when we arrive.

We will hang out by a burger stand
And eat a lot of food, as much as we can.

We turn the dial to a little bit of heaven
K-M-E-T, ninety, four, point, seven.

It's about time for the four-hour show.
It's the one and only Dr. Demento.

He plays wacky vinyl, warped cassettes,
even cylinders, as good as it gets.

Our tape cassettes are ready for the show.
C30, C60, C90, go.

Our tape recorders have fresh batteries.
So that our work will be a breeze.

Just before we hear, "The Doctor Is In",
We then push, the record button.

We will tape, every funny song,
We'll be having fun, all night long.

We'll listen to, Cheech and Chong,
Stan Freberg, Barnes and Barnes,

Shel Silverstein, Dickie Goodman
Frank Zappa, Allan Sherman,

Weird Al Yankovic, George Carlin
Tom Lehrer and, the list goes on and on.

We do this every single week,
This is what we like. Music for a geek.

When it's 9 o'clock, it's Top Ten time.
The songs are so good, it must be a crime.

What song will be, number one?
After it gets played, then we are done.

At 10 o'clock, it's time for us to go.
And drive on back to San Diego.

We listen to the tapes while we drive back.
When we get home, we'll hit the sack.

Then next Sunday, we'll do it all again.
And listen to the doc from six til ten.

We'll play the funny tapes, all week long.
With dementia, we can't go wrong.

It's a little bit of heaven, ninety four point seven.
K-M-E-T. Tweedle dee.